IGERT Students


Current Students


Ryan Maas
    Computer Science & Engineering        Advisor: Magda Balazinska
    Astronomy                                               Advisor: Andrew Connelly
    Ryan's research focuses on the integration of linear algebra libraries into big data management systems with applications to astronomy.
    Web Page: http://www.cs.washington.edu/node/9151

Alex Tank
    Statistics                                                            Advisor: Emily Fox
    Allen Institute for Brain Science                        Advisor: Christof Koch
    Information on Alex's research is forthcoming.
    Web Page: http://www.stat.washington.edu/personnel/people.php?id=498


William Gagne-Maynard
    Oceanography                            Advisor: Jeffrey Richey
    Microsoft Research                    Advisor: Rob Fatland
    Will's research lies at the confluence of Big Data and big rivers. Will focuses on developing methods to visualize carbon transformations within rivers and to standardize and develop methods to share that data.
    Web Page: http://boto.ocean.washington.edu/

Matthew Murbach
    Chemical Engineering                    Advisor: Daniel Schwartz
    Electrical Engineering                    Advisor: Hannaneh Hajishirzi
    Matt's research focuses on the combination of big data analytics and non-linear electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (NLEIS) to improve safety, control, and lifetimes of high-value lithium-ion batteries.
    Web Page: http://staff.washington.edu/mmurbach/

Cecilia Noecker
    Genome Science                        Advisor: Elhanan Borenstein
    Genome Science                        Advisor: Bill Noble
    Cecilia is currently developing methods for integrative analysis of different types of high-throughput datasets characterizing the human microbiome.
    Web Page: http://www.gs.washington.edu/academics/gradprogram/students.htm

Olivia (Grace) Telford                   
    Astronomy                                Advisor: Julianne Delcanton
    Statistics                                    Advisor: Marina Meila
    Grace uses large astronomical survey datasets to study the chemical evolution of galaxies.
    Web Page: http://staff.washington.edu/otelford/


David Fleming
    Astronomy                                    Advisor: Tom Quinn & Rory Barnes
    eScience                                      Advisor: Jake VanderPlas
    Info on David's research is forthcoming.
    Web Page: http://www.astro.washington.edu/people.php#grads

Amnon Horowitz
    Computer Science & Engineering            Advisor: Raj Rao
    Physiology & Biophysics                            Advisor: Adrienne Fairhall
    Info on Amnon's research is forthcoming.
    Web Page: https://www.cs.washington.edu/node/9169

Serena Liu
    Genome Science                        Advisor: Cole Trapnell
    Statistics & Biostatistics            Advisor: Daniela Witten
    Info on Serena's research is forthcoming.
    Web Page: http://cole-trapnell-lab.github.io/team/serena-liu/

Ryan McGee                   
    Biology                                        Advisor: Carl Bergstrom
    Information School                      Advisor: Jevin West
    Info on Ryan's research is forthcoming.
    Web Page: http://www.biology.washington.edu/directory/grads

Jacob Schreiber                   
    Computer Science & Engineering           Advisor: Bill Noble
    Electrical Engineering                               Advisor: Jeffrey Bilmes
    I focus on computational biology, in particular the application and development of scalable machine learning algorithms to questions arising in genome science.
    Web Page: http://homes.cs.washington.edu/~jmschr/