Advanced Data Science Option for PhD Students

Thanks to a kick-start from the IGERT Program, a new Advanced Data Science Option has been approved. The IGERT program brings together departments and students to educate an interdisciplinary cohort of scientists. The Advanced Data Science Option is the mechanism by which students get credit on their transcripts for their focus on data science within their majors. This Option is open to all interested students (you do not need to have an IGERT Fellowship). Talk to your graduate advisor for details on admission into the program.

Core Curriculum

Big Data is an evolving field, whose definition is fluid, and will continue to evolve over the years. Thus, the core of our educational approach is a comprehensive interdisciplinary, multifaceted practical training program.

  • Core Curriculum: An integrated, multidisciplinary set of courses that prepare the students in the algorithmic, statistical, systems, and scientific aspects of Big Data. This curriculum is an overlay on top of the requirements of the participating departments in a manner that is specific to each department. Please contact the faculty liaisons for detailed information.

Three out of four of the following core courses:

- Data Management: CSE 544.
- Machine Learning, CSE 546 or STAT 535.
- Data Visualization: CSE 512.
- Statistics: STAT 509 or STAT 512-513.

Course descriptions and pre-requisites are listed here.

All students must also register each year for the Big Data Seminar Course, CHEM E 599F.

Departmental Requirements

Details for each department's official Advanced Data Science Option can be found on their web pages:

Participating departments:

Astronomy: Contact person Andrew Connolly.

Biology: Contact person Tom Daniel.

Chemical Engineering: Contact people Allison Sherrill and David Beck.

Computer Science & Engineering: Contact people Jennifer Worrell and Magda Balazinska. Details on the Advanced Data Science Option in CSE.

Genome Sciences: Contact people Brian Giebel and William NobleDetails on the Advanced Data Science Option in Genome Sciences.

Oceanography: Contact people Michelle Townsend and Mark Warner. Details on the Advanced Data Science Option in Oceanography.

Statistics: Contact people Ellen Reynolds and Emily Fox. Details on the Advanced Data Science Option in Statistics.



Development of the Advanced Data Science Options were partially supported by the following: